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Au–Pt/Co3O4 catalyst for methane combustion
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The catalytic activity of Au/Co3O4 (Au loading was 2–5 wt.%) towards methane combustion could be enhanced when small amount of Pt, e.g. 0.2 wt.% was added, and the temperature for 100% conversion of methane could be decreased by 50◦C. Palladium, which was the most active single metal catalyst for methane combustion, on the other hand, exhibited lower catalytic activity than Au–Pt/Co3O4 when combined with Au over the Co3O4 support.

★★★☆☆ Keywords: Methane; Catalytic combustion; Au–Pt/Co3O4

★★★☆☆ S. Miao, Y. Deng / Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 31 (2001) L1–L4.