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      Prof. Youquan Deng : Youquan Deng received his B.S. degree at LanzhouUniversity and his Ph.D. degree at theUniversity of Portsmouth (United Kingdom). He is a Research Professor of Physics Chemistry in the Centre for Green Chemistry and Catalysis, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is also Professor of Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Head of the Centre for Green Chemistry and Catalysis. He has been engaging in catalytic scientific and techno
      The lab has 26 staff, including 2 professors. Since 2003, the lab has obtained many research achievements, including 1 third prizes of CAS Natural Science Award, 1 first prizes and 1 third prize from Gansu Province. In addition to research, the CGCC also devotes itself to postgraduate education. Moreover, our center has established nice cooperation relationship with more than 30 research institutes or universities at home and abroad so far.
      In 1998, we have pioneered ionic liquid research in China. At this stage, we could provide 400 ionic liquids with high quality not only for academic study but also for industrial application. Up to now, we have supplied our ionic liquids for about 100 research institutes inland, and we also exported our products overseas, such as American, Australia, etc. According to incomplete statistics, more than 300 papers have been published using our products.
      Our major research direction in ionic liquid area: design and performance of novel ionic liquids; ionic liquids soft functional materials, media and performance; catalysis with ionic liquids, etc.
      Our major research direction in catalytic field: catalysis with ionic liquids; catalysis for clean energy; nano-catalysis and reactions; efficient use of C-resource, etc.
      Our major research direction in nano-catalysis, including nano-ionic liquid material, nano-gold catalyst, carbon-based nano-material, and so on.
      The center for green chemistry and catalysis (CGCC), LICP, CAS, was established in 2003, and the research works focus on the green chemical process and catalytic transformation. At present, there are three major research directions in our group, i.e. one medium - ionic liquid, one process- non-phosgene synthesis for isocyanates, one material - nanogold catalyst. The CGCC is now struggling to connect the academic study with the corresponding industrial application process.