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Green and moisture-stable Lewis acidic ionic liquids (choline chloride·xZnCl2) catalyzed protection of carbonyls at room temperature under solvent-free conditions
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Choline chloride·xZnCl2 (x = 1–3) or benzyltrimethylammonium chloride·xZnCl2 have been used as efficient and recyclable catalysts for protection of carbonyls to 1,3-dioxolanes and 1,3-dioxanes at room temperature under solvent-free conditions. FT-IR investigation demonstrates the four ionic liquids have similar Lewis acid strength, which is in agreement with the activities observed in the acetalization reaction. The catalytic system choline chloride·xZnCl2 can be reused up to five times without appreciable loss of activity. The simple procedures as well as easy recovery and reuse of this novel catalytic system are expected to contribute to the development of more benign acetalization procedure of carbonyl compounds.

关键词: Choline chloride·xZnCl2;  Acetalization;  Solvent-free;  Reusability;  Lewis acidity;  Green chemistry

★★★☆☆ Duan ZY,Gu YL,Deng YQ. Green And Moisture-stable Lewis Acidic Ionic Liquids (choline Chloride  xZnCl2) Catalyzed Protection Of Carbonyls At Room Temperature Under Solvent-free Conditions[J]. Catalysis Communications,2006,7:651-656.