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Neutral ionic liquid [BMIm]BF4 promoted highly selective esterification of tertiary alcohols by acetic anhydride
段志英 / 邓友全
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Esterification of tert-butanol by acetic anhydride, a typical acid–base catalytic reaction, was conducted with excellent selectivity and high yield in a neutral ionic liquid [BMIm]BF4 (1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate). Many other tertiary alcohols could also be successfully converted to the corresponding esters in [BMIm]BF4. Separation of product and recovery and reuse of ionic liquid are all convenient in this system. Here, the need for catalysts is avoided through the use of catalytically active ionic liquids as solvents.

Keywords: [BMIm]BF4; Esterification; Tertiary alcohol; Acetic anhydride

★★★☆☆ Duan ZY,Gu YL,Deng YQ. Neutral Ionic Liquid [bmim]bf4 Promoted Highly Selective Esterification Of Tertiary Alcohols By Acetic Anhydride[J]. Journal Of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical,2006,246:70-75.