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Microwave assisted synthesis and biological activities of 9-boronobenzyladenine derivatives
余学军 / 邓友全
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Microwave enhanced syntheses of 9-boronobenzyladenine derivatives by the reaction of adenine with the corresponding bromomethylphenylboric acid were reported. Microwave irradiation reduced the overnight reaction time of conventional thermal methods to 10 min, provided the desired products and increased the yields up to three times. Preliminary in vitro pharmacological tests were also described.

Keywords: 9-boronobenzyladenines, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, microwave-asisted synthesis

★★★☆☆ Yu XJ,Liu W,Hu WD,et al. Microwave Assisted Synthesis And Biological Activities Of 9-boronobenzyladenine Derivatives[J]. Journal Of Chemical Research,2007:347-349.