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Facile electropolymerized-PANI as counter electrode for low cost dye-sensitized solar cell
李作鹏 / 邓友全
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The in situ electropolymerized-polyaniline (PANI) film (thickness: 5–20 l m) on FTO (fluorine tin oxide) glass doped by various counterions SO2-4, ClO-4 ,BF-4,Cl-, p-toluenesulfonate (TsO-), etc. was prepared with electropolymerized charge capacity of 50–600 mC cm-2. Different doping counterions have great impact on the morphology, electrochemical activity of electropolymerized-PANI film. The electropoly-merized-PANI doped by SO24 anion (PANI-SO4) film with much porous morphology and pore size diam-eter of several micrometers possesses higher reduction current for reduction of I-3 and a low charge-transfer resistance of 1.3 Ω cm2 in comparison with Pt as counter electrode (CE). Dye-sensitized solar cell with PANI-SO4 as CE was assembled, and the device under full sunlight illumination (100 mW cm-2,AM1.5 G) shows 5.6% photovoltaic conversion efficiency, which is comparable to 6.0% of that with Pt CE under the same experimental condition.

Keywords: Dye-sensitized solar cell; Polyaniline; Electropolymerization; Counter electrode

★★★★☆ Li ZP,Ye BX,Hu XD,et al. Facile Electropolymerized-pani As Counter Electrode For Low Cost Dye-sensitized Solar Cell[J]. Electrochemistry Communications,2009,11:1768-1771.