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Fe(II)-catalyzed N-alkylation of sulfonamides with benzylic alcohols
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The FeCl2/K2CO3 catalyst system was developed successfully for the N-alkylation of sulfonamides with benzylic alcohols via borrowing hydrogen method. XPS analysis gested a possible catalyst cycle between Fe(II) and Fe(0). Under the optimized condition, the scope of the protocol was demonstrated in 21 different alkylation reactions. High yields, in general >90%, are achieved in most cases.

Keywords: Sulfonamide; Alkylation; Alcohol; Iron

★★★★☆ Cui XJ,Shi F,Zhang Y,et al. Fe(ii)-catalyzed N-alkylation Of Sulfonamides With Benzylic Alcohols[J]. Tetrahedron Letters,2010,51:2048-2051.