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Atom-economy Synthesis of N-substituted Carbamate from Urea Derivative and Dimethyl Carbonate Catalyzed by La/SiO2: Characterization and Activity
郭晓光 / 邓友全
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A series of silica gel immobilized lanthanum catalysts were prepared for the atom-economy synthesis of N-substituted carbamates from urea derivatives and dimethyl carbonate. The La/SiO2 catalysts with lanthanum loadings varied from 1.3 wt% to 8.5 wt% were characterized by AES, BET, XRD, TEM, FT-IR, XPS and TPD. According to the characterization, lanthanum species with particle sizes of 5—10 nm on the surface of silica gel were formed. The catalysts were all amorphous and the surface areas were 336.5—530.2 m2/g. NH3-TPD analysis showed that all samples exhibited similar acid strength with different acid amounts. FT-IR measurement indicated that the component of lanthanum speci es on the catalyst surface were La(OH)3, LaOOH and hydrated La2O3. Also, the peak value of the absolute amount of LaOOH was obt ained with 4.3 wt% lanthanum loading. The BET surface area decreased dramatically when the lanthanum loading was above 4.3 wt%. In consideration of the results ob-tained from the catalytic reactions, it could be concluded that LaOOH was the possible active species and high sur-face area was important for the high catalytic activity.

Keywords N-substituted carbamate, urea derivative, dimethyl carbonate, lanthanum, green chemistry

★★☆☆☆ Guo XG,Shang JP,Li J,et al. Atom-economy Synthesis Of N-substituted Carbamate From Urea Derivative And Dimethyl Carbonate Catalyzed By La/sio2: Characterization And Activity[J]. Chinese Journal Of Chemistry,2010,28:164-170.