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A novel Au&Pd/Fe(OH)x catalyst for CO + H2 co-oxidations at low temperatures
乔波涛 / 邓友全
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A novel Au&Pd/Fe(OH)x catalyst with separate Au and Pd active sites was designed and synthesized. It was found for the first time that total conversion of CO + H2 could be achieved at room temperature over this catalyst. The separate Au and Pd sites in Au&Pd/Fe(OH)x catalyst were confirmed by the XPS, XRD, 197Au MÖssbauer characterizations and the activity measurements, although a small amount of Au–Pd alloy formed after the catalyst was calcined at 500 ℃.

Keywords: Gold; Palladium; Bimetal; Separate active sites; Co-oxidation

★★★☆☆ Qiao BT,Wang AQ,Masashi Takahashi,et al. A Novel Au&pd/fe(oh)x Catalyst For Co + H2 Co-oxidations At Low Temperatures[J]. Journal Of Catalysis,2011,279:361-365.