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Electrowetting based infrared lens using ionic liquids
胡晓东 / 邓友全
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We demonstrated an infrared variable focus ionic liquids lens using electrowetting, which could overcome the problems caused by use of water, e.g., evaporation and poor thermostability, while keeping good optical transparency in visible light and near-infrared region. Besides, the type of lens (convex or concave) could be tuned by applied voltage or refractive index of ILs used, and the transmittance was measured to exceed 90% over the spectrum of visible light and near-infrared. We believe this infrared variable focus ionic liquids lens has a great application prospect in both visible light and infrared image systems.

★★★☆☆ Hu XD,Zhang SG,Liu Y,et al. Electrowetting Based Infrared Lens Using Ionic Liquids[J]. Appl. Phys. Lett.,2011,99:213505(1-3).