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On the performance of thermostable electrowetting agents
胡晓东 / 邓友全
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Electrowetting of ionic liquids (ILs) in different alkane ambient and at different temperatures were studied under different AC voltages. The performance of IL-based electrowetting at elevated temperatures and that at room temperature was compared. It turns out that the electrowetting of ILs at elevated temperatures resulted in faster response and lower operation voltage. Furthermore, the relationship between the structure of the ion and the contact angle change was specifically investigated and theoretically explained. Finally, the properties of IL-based electrowetting in different alkane ambient were studied. It was demonstrated that the long length of the alkyl chain guaranteed a smaller contact angle under the same applied voltage. All the experimental results showed attractive features involving wide operating temperatures and in particular high stability, fast response, and good reversibility at elevated temperatures. The performance of IL-based electrowetting could be further improved through an optimal choice of an ambient phase or a rational design and synthesis of ionic liquids.

Keywords: electrowetting; ionic liquids; temperature; alkanes ambient; AC voltage; response time

★★★☆☆ Hu XD,Zhang SG,Lu XJ,et al. On The Performance Of Thermostable Electrowetting Agents[J]. Surf. Interface Anal.,2011.