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Fe2O3-supported nano-gold catalyzed one-pot synthesis of N-alkylated anilines from nitroarenes and alcohols
彭奇龄 / 石峰
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Here, we show the one-step synthesis of N-alkylated anilines from nitrobenzenes and alcohols catalyzed by nano-gold catalyst. The yields to N-alkylated anilines were B90% under mild conditions. The mechanism of this reaction was explored. It shows promise for clean and simple synthesis of N-alkylated anilines.

★★★★☆ Peng QL,Zhang Y,Shi F,et al. Fe2o3-supported Nano-gold Catalyzed One-pot Synthesis Of N-alkylated Anilines From Nitroarenes And Alcohols[J]. Chem. Commun.,2011,47:6476-6478.