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Efficient synthesis of dimethyl carbonate via transesterification of ethylene carbonate with methanol over binary zinc-yttrium oxides
王利国 / 邓友全
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The binary zinc–yttrium oxides were prepared by co-precipitation method, characterized and tested in the synthesis of DMC via transesterification of ethylene carbonate with methanol. The catalytic results showed that the catalyst with Zn/Y molar ratio of 3 and calcined at 400 °C exhibited superior catalytic activity, corresponding to TOF of 236 mmol/gcat h. Appropriate content of yttrium in the catalyst enhanced the catalytic activity remarkably. Moreover, the abundance of medium basic sites (7.2bH_b9.8, as determined by Hammett indicator method) was considered to be responsible for the superior catalytic activity.

Keywords: Dimethyl carbonate; Ethylene carbonate; Transesterification; Binary zinc–yttrium oxide

★★★☆☆ L. Wang et al. / Catalysis Communications 16 (2011) 45–49