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AC Electrochemical Stability of Ionic Liquids
杨富龙 / 邓友全
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AC electrochemical windows (AC EWs) of ILs were first investigated on Pt, glass carbon (GC), and Au electrodes with frequency ranging from 20 to 100 Hz. The result showed that the AC EW of ILs was much wider than the DC EWs, and the AC EW increased markedly with frequency and with electrode in the order of GC > Pt > Au. Moreover, AC CVs of ILs provide not only different AC EWs but also different current density under identical voltage that are both structure-dependent.

★★★☆☆ Yang FL,Li ZP,Zhang SG,et al. Ac Electrochemical Stability Of Ionic Liquids[J]. Chem. Lett.,2011,40(12):Cl-110542(1-3).