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Dehydrogenative amide synthesis from alcohol and amine catalyzed by hydrotalcite-supported gold nanoparticles
朱江令 / 石峰
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Hydrotalcite-supported nano-gold (Au/HT) was found to be a highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the dehydrogenative synthesis of amide from alcohol and amine. Amines and alcohols with different structures could be converted into the amides under mild reaction conditions with up to 98% isolated yields. Mechanism exploration suggested that ester might be the reaction intermediate.

Keywords: Amides; Gold; Heterogeneous catalysis; Amines; Alcohols

★★★★☆ Jiangling Zhu,Yan Zhang,Feng Shi,et al. Dehydrogenative Amide Synthesis From Alcohol And Amine Catalyzed By Hydrotalcite-supported Gold Nanoparticles[J]. Tetrahedron Letters,2012,53:3178-3180.