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Ionic liquid templated preparation of carbon aerogels based on resorcinol–formaldehyde: properties and catalytic performance
杨慧敏 / 石峰
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A series of carbon aerogels were prepared with or without using ionic liquids as templates. By varying the structures and contents of ionic liquids, carbon aerogels with different pore size distributions could be obtained. The effect of the ionic liquids on the properties of the final carbon aerogels was explored and the catalytic performance of the carbon aerogels in the selective oxidation of tetralin was studied.

★★★☆☆ Yang HM,Cui XJ,Deng YQ,et al. Ionic Liquid Templated Preparation Of Carbon Aerogels Based On Resorcinol–formaldehyde: Properties And Catalytic Performance[J]. J. Mater. Chem.,2012,22:21852-21856.