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Reductive N‑Alkylation of Nitro Compounds to N‑Alkyl and N,N‑Dialkyl Amines with Glycerol as the Hydrogen Source
崔新江 / 石峰
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As the sustainable and promising hydrogen source, here, glycerol was directly used as the hydrogen source for the reductive amination of alcohol using nitrobenzene as the starting material. The amination of alcohols, especially aliphatic alcohols with different structures, was realized, and mono- or disubstituted amines were synthesized with excellent yields. The reaction mechanism was also explored.

KEYWORDS: amines, alcohols, N-alkylation, glycerol, renewable, catalysis

★★★☆☆ xinjiang Cui,Youquan Deng,Feng Shi. Reductive N‑alkylation Of Nitro Compounds To N‑alkyl And N,n‑dialkyl Amines With Glycerol As The Hydrogen Source[J]. Acs Catalysis,2013,3:808-811.