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Carbon supported MnOx–Co3O4 as cathode catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
王瀛 / 邓友全
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The electroreduction of oxygen of MnOx-Co3O4/C was firstly studied in alkaline media. The MnOx-Co3O4/C showed better electrocatalytic activity towards ORR than MnOx/C and Co3O4/C. Compared to Pt/C, MnOx-Co3O4/C showed better methanol tolerance and durability in alkaline solution. Thus, the MnOx-Co3O4/C catalyst had potential for applications in metaleair batteries and alkaline fuel cells.

Keywords: Manganese oxides; Cobalt oxides; Oxygen reduction reaction; Alkaline media

★★★☆☆ Wang Y,Ma XY,Lu LJ,et al. Carbon Supported Mnox–co3o4 As Cathode Catalyst For Oxygen Reduction Reaction In Alkaline Media[J]. International Journal Of Hydrogen Energy,2013,38:13611-13616.