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Amine formylation via carbon dioxide recycling catalyzed by a simple and efficient heterogeneous palladium catalyst
崔新江 / 石峰
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A simple and efficient Pd/Al2O3-NR-RD catalyst was prepared by depositing palladium on a shape controllable Al2O3-NR support through a two-step process that involves hydrothermal synthesis of Al2O3-NRs followed by reductive-deposition of palladium. This catalyst showed high activity in the catalytic formylation of amines by CO2–H2 under mild conditions with up to 96% yield.

★★★★☆ Cui XJ,Zhang Y,Deng YQ,et al. Amine Formylation Via Carbon Dioxide Recycling Catalyzed By A Simple And Efficient Heterogeneous Palladium Catalyst[J]. Chemical Communications,2013,50:189-191.