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Degussa used ionic liquid as Paint additives

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Degussa are also using ionic liquids as additives to a new range of paints, for improved finish, appearance and drying properties. The range is marketed under the name TEGO1 Dispers, and added to the Pliolite paint range. The accentuated physical robustness and colour stability to a rub-out test can be seen in Fig. By using these ionic liquids as secondary dispersing agents, universal, water-based pigment pastes can be used for all
types of paints and coatings. This will allow a reduction in the use of volatile organic substances in paints and coatings in the future.

德固赛公司(Degussa)使用<a href= target=_blank class=infotextkey>离子液体</a>作为色浆分散剂.jpg

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