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石峰 / 邓友全
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Organic Au(I) complexes could be highly effective catalysts for the synthesis of diformamides by carbonylation of aliphatic diamines, with selectivity significantly enhanced in the presence of the appropriate amount of oxygen.

★★★★☆ Feng Shi, Youquan Deng, Hongzhou Yang and Tianlong SiMa. Chem. Commun., 2001, 345–346.

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Abstract: Directly catalytic oxidation of cyclohexene to adipic acid with hydrogen peroxide over environmentally benign peroxytungstate-organic complex catalysts is performed with excellent yields and selectivities, without any organic solvent and harmful phase-transer catalyst.

★★★★☆ Deng, YQ; Ma, ZF; Wang, K, et al. GREEN CHEMISTRY, 1999, 1, 275-276.