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Ionic Liquids

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本发明公开了一种催化合成氨基甲酸羟烷基酯的方法。该方法在催化剂的作用下,使环氧化合物、CO2和有机胺进行反应,一步生成相应氨基甲酸羟烷基酯,产物 选择性在95%以上。本发明反应条件温和,操作过程简单,反应选择性高,原料易于循环使用,催化剂容易回收并且重复使用性好,产物纯度高,属清洁工艺,有 实际应用价值。

邓友全,郭晓光,石峰,等. 催化合成氨基甲酸羟烷基酯的方法. 201010234184.x. 2013.

王瀛 / 邓友全
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The electroreduction of oxygen was firstly studied on Ag/Co3O4–C in alkaline media prepared by depositing Ag on Co3O4 modified carbon (Co3O4–C). The Ag/Co3O4–C composite not only displayed relatively large electrochemical active surface area (ESA), high catalytic activity towards oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), but also exhibited good methanol tolerance and stability in alkaline media. Ag/Co3O4–C could be a valuable catalyst for ORR and be applied to alkaline fuel cells and metal–air batteries.

Keywords: Silver; Cobalt oxide; Oxygen reduction reaction; Alkaline media

★★★★☆ Wang Y,Lu XJ,Liu Y,et al. Silver Supported On Co3o4 Modified Carbon As Electrocatalyst For Oxygen Reduction Reaction In Alkaline Media[J]. Electrochemistry Communications,2013,31:108-111.

张世国 / 邓友全
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Because of its sensitivity to chemical and electrostatic characteristics, nitrile group as an infrared (IR) probe to monitor the local structure, folding kinetics, and electrostatic environment of protein, or solvation of molecular solvents, has attracted increasing attention. Herein, by choosing benzonitrile and imidazolium ionic liquids (ILs) as the IR probe and model ILs, respectively, we report that the nitrile stretching vibration (νCN) could be utilized as a simple and substantial IR probe to monitor the local environment of ILs such as hydrogen bonding (H-bonding) as well as intrinsic electric field. In 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium-based non-hydroxyl ILs, the νCN is in a “free” state, and is less affected by the alkyl chain, while it significantly decreases with the effective anion charge. In 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3-methylimidazolium-based hydroxyl ILs, however, a distinct anion-dependent νCN forming H-bonding with the hydroxyl is also observed besides the “free” νCN band. The “free” component of νCN can be further employed to determine the intrinsic electric field in both non-hydroxyl (directly) and hydroxyl (indirectly by subtracting H-bonding contribution) ILs by using vibrational Stark effect. Moreover, the result suggests that benzonitrile is preferentially located in the charge domain in ILs and it could be a more suitable probe to report the ionic network rather than the nonpolar domain in ILs.

★★★☆☆ Zhang SG,Zhang Y,Ma XY,et al. Benzonitrile As A Probe Of Local Environment In Ionic Liquids[J]. J. Phys. Chem. B,2013,117:2764-2772.

张丽娜 / 石峰
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By applying a simple TiO2–(NH4)2S2O8 system and promoted by UV light, the three-component reactions of cyclic ether, aniline and aldehyde can be progressed efficiently. 29 substituted amines with different structures were synthesized with up to 97% isolated yields. Isotope effect study revealed that the ratedetermining step might be the nucleophilic addition step but not radical generation.

Keywords: Amine; Imine; Heterogeneous catalysis; Light

★★★★☆ Lina Zhang,Deng YQ,Shi F. Light Promoted Aqueous Phase Amine Synthesis Via Three-component Coupling Reactions[J]. Tetrahedron Letters,2013,54:5217-5219.

崔新江 / 石峰
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A simple and efficient Pd/Al2O3-NR-RD catalyst was prepared by depositing palladium on a shape controllable Al2O3-NR support through a two-step process that involves hydrothermal synthesis of Al2O3-NRs followed by reductive-deposition of palladium. This catalyst showed high activity in the catalytic formylation of amines by CO2–H2 under mild conditions with up to 96% yield.

★★★★☆ Cui XJ,Zhang Y,Deng YQ,et al. Amine Formylation Via Carbon Dioxide Recycling Catalyzed By A Simple And Efficient Heterogeneous Palladium Catalyst[J]. Chemical Communications,2013,50:189-191.

王瀛 / 邓友全
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The electroreduction of oxygen of MnOx-Co3O4/C was firstly studied in alkaline media. The MnOx-Co3O4/C showed better electrocatalytic activity towards ORR than MnOx/C and Co3O4/C. Compared to Pt/C, MnOx-Co3O4/C showed better methanol tolerance and durability in alkaline solution. Thus, the MnOx-Co3O4/C catalyst had potential for applications in metaleair batteries and alkaline fuel cells.

Keywords: Manganese oxides; Cobalt oxides; Oxygen reduction reaction; Alkaline media

★★★☆☆ Wang Y,Ma XY,Lu LJ,et al. Carbon Supported Mnox–co3o4 As Cathode Catalyst For Oxygen Reduction Reaction In Alkaline Media[J]. International Journal Of Hydrogen Energy,2013,38:13611-13616.

张世国 / 邓友全
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Electric fields of ionic liquids (ILs) were investigated by vibrational Stark effect spectroscopy using ethyl thiocyanate as a probe molecule. It was found that the stretching vibration of C≡N in nonhydroxyl ILs originates exclusively from the intrinsic electric fields, which are on average 3.0 MV cm-1 higher than those of molecular solvents. In contrast, in the case of hydroxyl functional ILs, hydrogen bonding as well as the electric field contribute to the IR shift of C≡N.

★★★☆☆ Zhang SG,Zhang Y,Deng YQ. Investigation Of The Intrinsic Electric Field Of Nonhydroxyl And Hydroxyl Ionic Liquids By Vibrational Stark Effect Spectroscopy[J]. Rsc Advances,2013,3:11480-11484.

崔新江 / 石峰
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As the sustainable and promising hydrogen source, here, glycerol was directly used as the hydrogen source for the reductive amination of alcohol using nitrobenzene as the starting material. The amination of alcohols, especially aliphatic alcohols with different structures, was realized, and mono- or disubstituted amines were synthesized with excellent yields. The reaction mechanism was also explored.

KEYWORDS: amines, alcohols, N-alkylation, glycerol, renewable, catalysis

★★★☆☆ xinjiang Cui,Youquan Deng,Feng Shi. Reductive N‑alkylation Of Nitro Compounds To N‑alkyl And N,n‑dialkyl Amines With Glycerol As The Hydrogen Source[J]. Acs Catalysis,2013,3:808-811.

崔新江 / 石峰
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The N-alkylation of amines or ammonia with alcohols is a valuable route for the synthesis of N-alkyl amines. However, as a potentially clean and economic choice for N-alkyl amine synthesis, non-noble metal catalysts with high activity and good selectivity are rarely reported. Normally, they are severely limited due to low activity and poor generality. Herein, a simple NiCu-FeOx catalyst was designed and prepared for the N-alkylation of ammonia or amines with alcohol or primary amines. N-alkyl amines with various structures were successfully synthesized in moderate to excellent yields in the absence of organic ligands and bases. Typically, primary amines could be efficiently transformed into secondary amines and N-heterocyclic compounds, and secondary amines could be N-alkylated to synthesize tertiary amines. Note that primary and secondary amines could be produced through a one-pot reaction of ammonia and alcohols. In addition to excellent catalytic performance, the catalyst itself possesses outstanding superiority, that is, it is air and moisture stable. Moreover, the magnetic property of this catalyst makes it easily separable from the reaction mixture and it could be recovered and reused for several runs without obvious deactivation.

Keywords: alcohols · amination ·ammonia · heterogeneous catalysis ·non-noble metals

★★★☆☆ Cui XJ,Dai XC,Deng YQ,et al. Development Of A General Non-noble Metal Catalyst For The Benign Amination Of Alcohols With Amines And Ammonia[J]. Chemistry A-europeann Journal,2013,19(11):3665-3675.

杨慧敏 / 石峰
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★★★☆☆ Yang HM,Cui XJ,Deng YQ,et al. Selective Hydrogenation Of Nitroaromatic Compounds With A Nickel-oxide-supported Nano-palladium Catalyst Under Ambient Reaction Conditions[J]. Chemcatchem,2013,5:1739-1743.

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