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Physicochemical properties of ionic liquid analogue containing magnesium chloride as temperature and

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The ionic liquid analogue containing MgCl2 based on choline chloride and glycerol was reported. The solubility of MgCl2 in the ionic liquid analogue based on choline chloride and glycerol was measured from T = 293-393 K. The empirical equation about the solubility and temperature was obtained. Thermal analysis showed that the ionic liquid analogue was stable from room temperature to 140 degrees C. The physical properties such as conductivity sigma, density rho and viscosity eta of ionic liquid analogue were measured as function of the content of MgCl2 and temperature. An empirical equation about the density (rho) and temperature was obtained. The ions transport behaviours are analyzed using hole-theory. It is shown that the conductivity of the ionic liquid analogues is controlled by the ion mobility and the suitable voids.