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LICP Develops Pilot Production System of Ionic Liquid Catalyzed Synthesis of DMM2-8

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DMM2-8 has highcetane rating (CN>63) and high level of oxygen. It possesses good intersolubility with diesel as well and its flash point and boiling point are both in the range of those of diesel. By adding 10% to 20% DMM2-8 into diesel, the freezing point of petroleum diesel can be reduced significantly, burning characteristic and heat efficiency of diesel can be improved, and smoke and NOx of diesel can be reduced by 80% ~ 90% and 50% respectively. With these improvements, the emission of diesel can meet the requirements of Europe V Emissive Standard.

The excellent physical and chemical characteristics, energy-saving and emission-reducing effect of DMM2-8 have made it promising in harmonic components of environmental friendly diesel.

The research group headed by Professor CHEN Jing at Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (LICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), have achieved controlled synthesis of DMM2-8 using the ionic liquid which the group had developed and had independent property right as the catalyst. The fresh feed conversion rate can reach as high as 92% and the total selectivity of major components can reach 70%. They have developed separation and stabilization technique of DMM2-8 productsand the content of major components in the products can reach 98%. Based on the results in the lab, the group has developed continuous synthesis, separation of DMM2-8 and scaled-up preparation techniques of catalysts.